Circular saw blades

Circular saw blades

image-cirkelzagenEven with an almost infinite combination of sawing machines, material specifications and cut speed/finish requirements, Saws International will always be able to offer the optimum saw blade for the task. We can also provide a detailed applications recommendation to satisfy customers production needs.

Standard HSS circular saw blades have been the industry core product for decades and still have their place for traditional stationary sawing applications.

The latest developments in HSS circular sawing technology have been incorporated into the Supreme range of saw blades. Advances in grinding technology have been harnessed to refine the finishes and manufacturing tolerances of HSS which has resulted in a product whose performance vastly exceeds anything available in today’s market.

In the early 2000’s Kinkelder acted as a pioneer by being the first to introduce tungsten carbide tipped sawing into the tube cutting technology. The CX single use, coated carbide circular saw blade was introduced to the high volume steel tube producers. Incorporating some of the experience gathered from HSS applications and benefitting from the vastly increased wear life of coated TCT through resistance to high temperatures, productivity gains of the order of 200% to 300% were achieved. The CX range has been extended to include solid material cutting at production rates previously considered impossible.

Finally we have further developed the single use TCT range culminating in the recent launch of the Champion saw blade. Taking a completely new approach to blade design we have been able to provide significant increases to blade life and production rates, so vital in a market subject to unceasing cost reduction pressures on Customers.